About Us

Who We Are

Mabotse Makofane (Pty) Ltd is a Johannesburg, South African technology company specializing in IT consultancy, software, websites and mobile apps development.

With the incorporation and dependence on technology these days, it can be noted that IT plays a significant role in your profession. Mabotse Makofane (Pty) Ltd is the company you can rely on for having your software and consultancy needs fulfilled.

Our company is owned by South Africans who have endured IT as a subject for profession. Starting our technological venture in 2004, we began simply by developing our website called https://www.mabotse-makofane.co.za/, and having it displayed for the viewers. With a gradual transformation in the company’s vision and objectives, we began Mabotse Makofane (Pty) Ltd. Our company offers various services in the field of information technology. From IT consultancy to software and website development; we make sure your company is taken care of when it comes to technology oriented services.

We have launched our company with a mission to create a corporate environment where everybody works and gains credit for it. We are hundred percent dedicated to all our clients who require our services in the field of software. We stay loyal and cooperative with our clients who are currently working with us. We measure the equity of every company and strive for improvement in every project we take.

Apart from providing excellent services to our clients, we also have services that fulfill our responsibility for the corporate community. We have developed the Kagiso Cricket Club which has been developed for the purpose of donating our skills and time for the purpose of improvement in the town we live in. We strongly believe that we have the power to change the conditions and improve quality of life in South Africa. And we are doing so by playing cricket and advocating it to those who can contribute for a better future.

Our History

  • Registerd the www.mabotse.co.za domain and first deployed this website on the internet. Recording 300 unique hits in the first 6 months
  • Mzansipedia launched, an online wiki about everything South Africa. Mzansipedia was discontinued in 2014 due to the high demand of our time for very little return
  • Mabotse Bitte launched and acquired 7 clients for the Mabotse Bitte Ensurer in the first 13 months of operations
  • Mabotse SeaBreeze launched and its currently posting about 80 posts per week to all the most famous social media platforms
  • Officially registered Mabotse Makofane (Pty) Ltd as a private company on CIPC after clients demanded invoices that were complaint with the legal requirements of SARS
  • Mabotse Nextasy launched to offer fully managed and customized online services for Spa and Beauty Salon , Restaurant, and Web Store businesses that require an e-commerce platform


Mabotse Makofane (Pty) Ltd
Jacob S. Makofane
CEO and Founder of Mabotse Makofane (Pty) Ltd.

Mr Makofane graduated with a BTech Degree: Information Systems from the University of Johannesburg, and also holds a National Diploma: Software Development (cum laude) from University of Johannesburg.

Mr Makofane enjoys playing golf and chess in his spare time. He is also part-time astronomer with a basic telescope to gaze at the stars in the backyard of his home.